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Let’s have an insight for 24-31 Aug ’20

Pile No. 1 :- You’re carrying your last week sleepless night to this week, you’re wide awake very well aware that you do not have the luxury of to just let things pass by, you can’t afford to ignore it. You might feel people are very against you or you did not accept them to be against you. 💪WHAT Doesn’t 💪Kill You 💪 Will Make 💪 UNBREAKABLE💪. I feel to let you know that at the end of this week these feelings and fights will end. You will get over it with your battle wounds but remember every scars will make you stronger and this is the lesson will help you to enter a new month with new mindset.

Pile No. 2 :- This week you have nothing but money in your mind and “👏YOU👏GO👏Get 👏The CASH👏”. This week you busy investing in your dream, you must use this time make a list to where you wanna go and what you need to save/invest as it will only be a plus. But make sure you think through your plans don’t be in a hurry concentrate and analyse your steps. This week you will be adrenaline rush and enjoy every moments but be aware of your surrounding.

Pile No. 3 :- This week is you going to be aware of what you’re actually missing and it might not be what you were expecting. It will come to you as 💨Force Of Nature💨 which will lead to accept and mourn the lost of your pride or you just can’t express properly. But this will only push you to process and work on yourself, the path will be something you do not want to take but you gotta.

First Tatoo

This is so true… I always wanted a tattoo since I was 18, I would just keep on telling my parents it’s so cool and hope to get it one day.

Years passed and I still wanted it, but for some reason I didn’t had the guts to go get one.

But in 2016, I was suffering professionally, they kept wanting me to be someone else. So my brother being the brave one (as usual ) , told me he is gonna get one and I said ok I am coming to Bangkok to support you.

Once we got there I was playing around with  the idea should I get it or not, then there was a phone call from my work asking some childish / immature  things and something just snapped inside .
I had this overwhelming feeling that – I need something to remind me what I represent – when I was getting it, I did not feel anything maybe because mentally and emotionally I was so drained that there is nothing left for me to feel.
Whenever I feel I don’t know who I am I just need to look at my tattoos.

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