Walking On Egg’s Shell

You are your own person, the only edition existing in this world, why let other gets to write your story? Things your so-called loved ones will say 'you're fine as you're - be yourself - you should be proud of yourself - you're enough - you are fine just the way you're' then why does [...]


This article is dedicated to my young cousins and any teenagers who are entering adulthood. Based on the title “You Ugly” I would make whole bullet points, I even thought about how society has mould our principles on what beauty is and are we up to its standards. Sadly, the issue with these false set [...]

Covid-19 Morning

Morning, Morning, Morning ..... wake up to "Face the World" but when I woke up today there was a thought that crept in saying Am I Awake Enough to face my day? later I felt I am not! what should I do? why am I feeling this way as I should be positive nothing negative [...]

First Tatoo

This is so true... I always wanted a tattoo since I was 18, I would just keep on telling my parents it's so cool and hope to get it one day. Years passed and I still wanted it, but for some reason I didn't had the guts to go get one. But in 2016, I [...]