First Tatoo

This is so true… I always wanted a tattoo since I was 18, I would just keep on telling my parents it’s so cool and hope to get it one day.

Years passed and I still wanted it, but for some reason I didn’t had the guts to go get one.

But in 2016, I was suffering professionally, they kept wanting me to be someone else. So my brother being the brave one (as usual ) , told me he is gonna get one and I said ok I am coming to Bangkok to support you.

Once we got there I was playing around with  the idea should I get it or not, then there was a phone call from my work asking some childish / immature  things and something just snapped inside .
I had this overwhelming feeling that – I need something to remind me what I represent – when I was getting it, I did not feel anything maybe because mentally and emotionally I was so drained that there is nothing left for me to feel.
Whenever I feel I don’t know who I am I just need to look at my tattoos.


This blogs will be my diary where I express my ideology, life experience, life learning  and more. I am no expert in writing but I can guarantee you that every word will come from my heart and I am more than willing to hear your opinion, we do not need to agree on it. I will try to post one blog per week.

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